Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy (often called QE) is an organized system to restore health and vitality. A unique "language" of codes and applied kinesiology enables the practitioner to gently use "hands on touch" to heal, relieve pain, improve immune response, and increase energy.

As Silja says, "I'm amazed at how this system gets at the underlying reasons for dis-eases and discomfort. When clients come to my practice with exhaustion and depression, very often it is unresolved childhood emotional trauma that is stuck. Frequently, one or two sessions clears the blockage and renew vitality!"

QEST is a holistic, non-invasive therapy that follows a systematic approach. Numerical codes that correspond vibrationally with conditions of the energy body are utilized, along with specialized kinesiology (muscle testing). These methods are used to obtain information (yes-no answers) from the body itself about what needs to be done. Energy from the practitioner's hands is then directed in a particular area of the body to assist in re-establishing the energy pattern, so the body can begin needed repair and healing.

I had a torn psoas muscle and a herniated disc which immobilized me with excruciating pain. After two visits, within three days by Silja using QE and much love, I was able to walk and care for my two young children again.?
- Teresa P., Oceanside, CA.

Quantum Energetics is a wonderfully creative healing modality. I highly recommend it for harmonizing and balancing the many systems of the body. It is a valuable technique of preventative medicine. The world will greatly benefit when QE becomes widely known and practiced.
- Claudia McD.,
Licensed Acupuncturist, Encinitas, CA.

I began QE just before surgery for a bladder cancer that my surgeon said would probably reoccur within three months. It is now eight years later, and I am cancer free and feeling very strong. I believe my QE treatments have strengthened my immune system and supported my healing. I have enormous trust in Silja and this process.
- Barbara R., San Diego, CA.

Silja Björklund is a certified Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ practitioner who received her certification at The Western Institute of Natural Healing. She is a member of the International New Physiology Association - QEST's International governing body.

Prior to working with QEST, Silja was a health and fitness trainer, teacher, and seminar leader for over 20 years. After suffering burn out, she rebuilt her life and began studying energy medicine. She received level I and II in Reiki, and found QEST, which provided the structure and comprehensive technique she had been seeking.

Silja is also available for talks and Wisdom Healing Qigong classes. Her clients' positive responses...regarding their physical, mental, and emotional healing...deepen her understanding in her practice. She has been practicing in Encinitas since 1998.
Call Silja at 760-942-0057.

~ Structural Pain/Weakness:
Injuries to head, neck, back, hips, knees, feet, shoulders, elbows, wrist & ribs?

~ Metabolic Disorders & Syndromes:
Circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and reproductive problems, such as chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia and other toxic reactions.?

~ Neurological and Immune Disorders:
Learning disabilities, hyperactivity & ADD, sciatica, carpal tunnel, impaired immune response, and pain relief.

QE with Silja is a relaxing, painless way
to uncover your body's health needs.


"WOW, I feel so much better!" These are words Silja hears over and over again from her clients. On one occasion, a client came to the practice with heart burn, indigestion, and tightness in the chest…thinking something was wrong with his heart. It turned out to be a simple hiatal hernia.

The stomach had moved out of alignment and pushed on the esophagus, creating the discomfort. Of course, he had already checked with his doctor to make sure his heart was OK. Normally, a hiatal hernia is easily adjusted and often digestion will normalize, the heartburn goes away and the chest relaxes.

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy is unique in its ability to detect these subtle, yet dramatic causes of discomfort.


QEST addresses underlying causes, rather than just relieving symptoms.
Initially, treatments begin with a structured sequence, then corrections are individualized, according to the body's response to muscle testing. Natural herbal and nutritional substances are additional tools used in QEST treatments.

Clients often experience immediate relief. Subsequently, further work unmasks underlying layers of energy flow disruptions that need to be addressed for complete balance and health.?The length of treatment varies according to the number of energy disruptions found in each individual's blueprint.

  Silja Bjorklund
Encinitas, CA | 760-942-0057

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